We’ll call this the “Opening Credits”

Come one, come all-let’s all get down with stories and observations from me, myself, and I-Chace Hart. I’ve been inspired to write this after following a friend of mine’s from week to week. I thought to myself, “this must be just fucking awesome, to just…talk…to anybody who’s willing to listen.” I tend to never shut up, so this platform was a natural attraction for me to try my best to be funny for other people besides my friends or anybody who happens to be standing in line next to me at Chipotle when they skimp me on that steak (I get pissed, start saying passive aggressive shit under my breath, and usually get a laugh or two from the old lady next to me).

Some things you should know about me; I have weird opinions on stuff and often ask those questions that maybe shouldn’t be asked-remember in Zoolander when Hansel elaborates on how he wondered what tree bark was made of as a kid? I feel him on that one for sure. Feel free to use that as a mold to make assumptions about my personality. I am a 22 year old junior in college at Sonoma State University, a stones throw away from the beautiful city by the bay…Oakland-kidding-I meant San Francisco but who’s counting. I am English major (wassup fellow writers!) and am sorta making my way through the California extended ed. system trying to figure out what the hell exactly I was put on this earth for. Also, and this one’s important, I love LOVE looooove movies, beer, and weed so you can bet your ass its going to be THAT kind of blog.

Anyway, i’m not saying i’m unique by any means-just chill as hell or at least I try to be. I’m going to clue you guys in weekly to the debauchery that seems to be my life. There’s a lot of it, both good and bad, so I’ll have material to go h.a.m. on for a while. Oh, right…I also have a girlfriend-again, nothing but fun times there. So if you decided to get this far through this little opening scene, I’m gonna definitely suggest you take a seat again the next time you see that lil’ link pop up in your feed and I’ll try and make you laugh for a few minutes yea? CHEERS! PROSIT! ACTION!